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Art has always been in my life.  As a small boy in Blythe, California at the age of 10 my next-door friend and I would draw who we would be acting out as and where we would be in the world as we played each day.  We would draw different figures and different scenes to set the day.  Brian, my next-door friend, was a little older than I and was very good and helped me improve my scenes and I got much better. 

We moved to Armona, California when I was 17.  In high school I would paint back drops for the different events that would take place and I even did a painting in church before the preacher did his sermon.  While the organ played, I painted a picture in chalk of Jesus by the Sea of Galilee. I went to college at Pacific Union College located in Angwin, California which is in the hills just above Saint Helena in the Napa Valley.  I majored in Commercial Art and had great art teachers like Vernon Ney and Joe Maniscalco.  I would visit galleries in San Fransico and Carmel over the years and would talk to the gallery managers about artists styles and get input on how to paint. 

I always dreamed of having my art in a gallery one day and my dreams came true on Saturday August 26, 2022.  At the age of 77, I became recognized as a professional painter in Austin, Texas’ largest contemporary gallery, AO5 Gallery.   My artist Exhibition and Demonstration was titled Presenting Shadows of the Seasons. Here are a few pictures of the event.  Many thanks to Todd Gresley, Director of AO5 Gallery, for believing in my style of painting and that they would sell.  I truly appreciate the opportunity and his support.

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First Gallery Show August 26th 2023 Ao5 Gallery!

Shadows of the Seasons with Bernie Coleman

Hill Country Sun Set
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I attended my first year of college at Pacific Union College located in Angwin, California, located just above Napa Valley.  It was there that I was taught by two famous artists of the time, Vernon Nye and Joe Maniscalco.  Over the years I visited many art galleries in San Francisco and Carmel, California.  There I would study and observe the many artistic styles and began to incorporate them into my style of painting. 

Over the last 18 years of my working career, I lived in Hawaii.   Living in Hawaii my paintings were influenced by the lush tropical landscapes island wide.  The bold and brights colors that exist in Hawaii are now part of my style.

I have been asked many times about my style and which artist do I consider myself to be like.   My style of paintings starts by going from dark to light using drops of color to build structure.  I then use different values to build the directional lines using bright colors.  The final step is to develop graphical layered detail and lastly apply a clear coating to bring out the wonderful bright colors.  Many refer to my paintings as Contemporary or Modern.  I prefer to call my style of paintings 



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